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Terms And Conditions A Landscaping Business Should Have To Protect Itself

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Terms And Conditions A Landscaping Business Should Have To Protect Itself

For many landscapers, like those from who also have responsibility for running their business, there will be many financial and legal necessities that you would much rather not concern yourself with, but the sound running of your business requires you to. Thankfully, much of it can be passed to your accountant or commercial lawyer to deal with, nevertheless, you must still have a reasonable understanding of it all.

One aspect of the legal framework within which you operate is the contract between a client and your landscaping business. Again, this is best left to a legal expert to create the main template and then for you to enter the specifics you have agreed with your client relating to the landscaping work they require.

Within that contract, there must be terms and conditions which apply to any landscaping agreement you have with a client. As for what those terms and conditions should cover, we have outlined the main ones below which should appear on every contract for landscaping work you undertake.


This will outline the landscaping services which you are going to be providing to the client under the contract agreed to. We recommend that you have these as specific as possible and in crystal clear language to prevent any chance of misunderstanding, especially given the fact that not all clients will be cognisant of all landscaping terminology.