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Childcare Options for Parents Who Both Work


When you have children but need to go back to work it’s important to work out the right kind of care for them. Whether you have toddlers or your children are of primary school age, it’s important to know they will be cared for properly while you are at work. Sometimes, grandparents can care for them, but often they too, work, or else they are too feeble to manage to care for a lively toddler all day.  Here are some other childcare options.

Home day care

This is when a woman, often a mother herself, cares for other children in her own home. It is good because there is a family atmosphere and the groups are small, meaning your child will get the attention they need. Government procedures are in place for payment and to ensure the carer is a suitable person. However, if they are of a different culture to you, it is wise to make sure that this will not have a negative impact on your child. They pick up different habits very easily.

Day care centre

A day care centre is conducted in a larger building with all the facilities and amenities needed to care for children of a preschool age. The groups are much larger, but there are usually more than one attendant. Carers must have special childhood training so they know how to best care for the children.  Not all such centres have long day care facilities, but some do offer this as an optional extra. Children learn to mix with a larger group of peers. There are assisted group sessions such as painting and story-telling throughout the day as well as free play time outside or inside.


For the older child, preschool can be an option, although again, many don’t offer the long day care that a working mother needs. Preschool is a little more like school in the way it’s run, but the children still have plenty of fun. Learning is done by playing. Some preschools prefer children to only attend two or three days a week, depending on their age.

These three options are obviously for the younger child and may not cater to the hours and days you need. However, by mixing in care by grandparents or other relatives during the time not taken up by the care centres, you can have your child cared for adequately for the number of hours required while you are at work. Even though it takes a great deal of organisation on your part, it’s really worth it to know your children are safe and happy.

Once they start to go to big school the only thing you’ll need to work out is after school care. Some schools offer after school activities and supervision for those children whose parents both work.