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7 Local Marketing Tactics To Boost Your Divorce Lawyers Business

7 Local Marketing Tactics To Boost Your Divorce Lawyers Business

Your divorce lawyers business likely operates within a specific location or area. As such it naturally classed as a local business. That is not to suggest it is necessarily a small business as there are huge companies that only operate within a specific city or state.

What being a local business also signifies is that your marketing needs to be localised. In other words, the way you market, the people you market to, and the locations you target are all clearly defined. That applies as much to online marketing as it does to offline marketing, such as advertising in local newspapers.

With the internet playing such a huge role in everyone’s lives, if your divorce lawyers business does not market online it is depriving itself of a huge opportunity to generate clients. Specifically, we are talking about local marketing online, as the internet provides many opportunities to target a local audience. Here are some marketing tactics from Oxygen Marketing that are proven to work.

Tactic #1 – Localise Your Website

Your website is where your prospects may first encounter your divorce lawyers business, so ensure they know you are based locally. Many local businesses use generic websites that look like they could be anywhere. Use local imagery, ensure your city is in large letters, and include a local map with your location on your home page.

Tactic #2 – Create A Landing Page For Each Of Your Office Locations

For any divorce lawyers who have more than one office, an excellent tactic is to have a landing page dedicated to each location. Even if your offices are all in the same city, create landing pages for each area of the city they are located in. This also helps you rank for local searches on Google.

Tactic #3 – Claim Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing

You must claim your GMB listing. This means that details of your business including address, telephone number, and client reviews can be seen when your business appears for a local search, thus making clicks through to your website more likely.

Tactic #4 – Localise Your Social Media Pages

Just as we encouraged you to localise your website, you should do the same for any social media pages you have. Local images will help, and you can even go as far as renaming your page with your town or city added as part of the page name.

Tactic #5 – Collaborate With Other Local Businesses

Another successful local marketing tactic is to collaborate with other local businesses. By sharing marketing and cross-promoting each other, not only do you open yourself up to larger audiences, but you can also reduce your marketing costs.

Tactic #6 – Ensure Paid Ads Are Optimised For Local Audiences

One of the advantages of paid advertising online is that many allow you to laser-target your audience, but it must be done effectively. Instead of one ad blasted to an entire city you could create multiple ads each targeting a district, along with ad copy relating to each one.

Tactic #7 – Create Videos To Rank For Local Search Terms

There are doubtless many websites competing to rank for searches like “divorce leery+ your city”, but ask yourself, how many videos are your competitors trying to rank. The answer is likely zero, so create and publish short, informative videos on YouTube, optimise for that same local search term, and you should soon see it ranked on Google’s first page.