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How To Improve Your Family Law Firm’s Ranking On Google Using Local Keywords

How To Improve Your Family Law Firm's Ranking On Google Using Local Keywords

To help expand the client base of your family law firm via the internet, your website must attract visitors who in turn reach out to you for advice,  and ultimately ask you to represent them. If you were to ask for advice from the  SEO experts at Perth SEO they will tell you that the most effective way of achieving that aim is to have your website rank high on search engines, especially Google.

The whole point of wanting your website to rank high on Google is that the closer it is to the #1 position for any given search, the more traffic it is going to receive. Presuming that it is ranking for highly relevant keyword searches relating to family law, the more chances there are of that traffic including people looking for a family lawyer.

The point we make about ranking for a relevant keyword is crucial because there is little point in ranking for keywords that are of no relevance to your business, nor which attract traffic not specifically looking for a family lawyer. For example, you might rank for the term, ‘cheap lawyer’, but unless your fees are low and you take on clients for all legal work, then it is of no real benefit to you.

Of the traffic that you receive from that keyword only a fraction of it will be needing a family lawyer, and the rest will be looking for a corporate, criminal, copyright, or employment lawyer, and when they land on your website and realize your law firm is none of these, they will click away immediately, which creates another problem in relation to your ranking.

Google measures the time people spend on websites and notes when they click away quickly. This suggests to them that the website is of low quality or not relevant and thus they are minded to lower that website’s ranking. So, with everything that we have just discussed, it should alert you to the fact that a huge element of your SEO activities should relate to pinpointing highly relevant keywords which people matching your client base are likely to search for.

Another key SEO strategy that is especially important if your family law firm is targeting new clients within specific geographical areas, states, cities, or towns, is to render many of your keywords as local. What this means is that if you target a keyword such as “lawyer specialising in adoption ”, whilst it is a long-tail keyword, and thus has less competition in terms of ranking, your competition for it is global.

In other words, because there is no geographic identifier, someone in Houston, London, or Wellington might search that term, and even if your website appeared in the results, you are unlikely to have any of these people hire you as their lawyer. However, if you focus on ranking for the search terms ‘Perth lawyer specialising in adoption’ or ‘lawyer specialising in adoption Perth’ and are a Perth-based family law firm, you have hit the jackpot.

First, there is going to be less competition for those keywords because most law firms are unaware of how to research and optimise their websites for local keywords. Second, people using those search terms are almost certainly going to live in or close to Perth, and as such presumably looking for a family law firm based in that area. This single SEO tactic of focussing on local keywords can boost your family law firm’s website’s Google ranking for lots of local search terms.