Commercial Law

Why You Need Commercial Lawyers When in Business

Whether you are starting up a new digital marketing or running one that is well-established, you will need the assistance of commercial lawyers for a great many things. For one thing, your business must be compliant in all ways with the law for tax and other purposes or you risk heavy fines or even being shut down. And if you don’t heed the law in every business matter you risk compromising your business which can easily mean facing a lawsuit of some kind from employees or clients.

Here is how lawyers can help people in business: –

  • They can make sure your business is set up properly with the right structure and can help you dissolve it when the time comes.
  • Lawyers can prepare contracts to ensure the terms and conditions are suitable for you and your clients and that the due diligence standards are met.
  • They can help settle business disputes and avoid litigation. They can help you though litigation if it occurs.

  • They can deal with things such as partnership disagreements, debt recovery, disputes about property, contracts and more.
  • They can help you understand all the finer details of franchises so you can choose the best kind.
  • They can assist with the leasing, purchase or sale of business premises and commercial property.
  • They can draw up or review contracts of all kinds including workplace agreements, employment contracts, lease agreements and client agreements.
  • They know about workplace safety and OHS requirements and can ensure your business is compliant where it needs to be.
  • Lawyers can work with you to prevent or deal with unfair dismissal claims and other work related disputes to solve them before litigation results.
  • Lawyers can work with their business clients to settle questions on land tax, capital gains tax and GST.
  • They deal in asset protection and business succession, devising the best plan for your business to ensure your personal and business assets are kept safe whether by family, discretionary or unit trusts, Power of Attorney and Wills.

If you try to start up or run a business without consulting with lawyers at some point you leave yourself open to a great deal of trouble. Unless you are a lawyer you simply cannot know everything there is to know about the processes required by law to ensure your business is set up properly to avoid the many problems that can occur.

Having lawyers on hand that know you and your business will save a great deal of time, confusion, stress and cost. Running a business without the benefit of a lawyer is like building a house without the proper foundations. You would never know when it could come crashing down.